Here it goes…


Near the beginning of July, on a Sunday morning, I had this idea pop into my head: start a blog about Cali’s therapies and the day to day tips and tricks we use on both her and Ava. Since that morning in July, the idea has been on the forefront of my mind every sigle day!  I was so excited because I am certain the techniques we use and the way we treat Cali works and will work for readers as well. Fortunately for Cali, she is able to receive a wide variety of therapies. Because of this, we have a whole “bag of tricks” to share with all of you. From speech therapy to occupational therapy, and from hippotherapy to our at home life, there should be something for everyone to benefit from. Whether you are someone who has associations with autism, or not, I believe each of us can take away at least one tip, one guide from this site to help us with our interactions with children. Above on the tab bar, you can  find out all about our family, our personal story with the diagnosis, an overview of the website and what it is all about, and, my favorite, the reference tab.

Here it goes…!!!

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  1. Chels,
    This blog is amazing. I know why you had the feeling everyday that you needed to create this, it is going to help a lot of parents. Sharing your experiences will give many people strength and hope. You are an awesome mom! I wish all of the kids I’ve worked with had a mom like you. Cali and Ava are two of the luckiest little girls!

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