“Princess Glove”


As I was quickly trying to get the girls out of the door  for their Tuesday morning preschool class,  I noticed something awry with Cali. After I pulled her shirt over her head and grabbed for her wrist to then pull her left arm through the sleeve, I hear this genuine cry of pain. She immediately pulled her arm up into her chest and tells me, “that hurts:(” I thought for a second that her immediate response was kind of strange, but then the thought moved past. My next thought was, it’s a bruise. Flash forward to lunch and the same cry of pain came when I grabbed her wrist to wash her hands. At this point I knew something was up, but instead of calling the doctor I called my sister first, because I had just recently missed her call. I definitely have my priorities in line! Mom of the year over here!!! After mentioning  to Brittany what had been happening, she was pretty confident it was a broken bone. Off to the doctors it was…   Sure enough, fractured wrist:( I immediately thought to myself, oh no. Cali, with a cast…not happening! Well, it was happening and there was zip, zero, zilch I could do about it. As time went on, I realized there WAS something I could do about it! I was going to one, make this exciting for her, and two, give her some prep tools to understand what this cast really meant.

Step one:

Rename the cast Princess Glove (she looooved this)

Step two:

Allow her to choose the color

Step three (this is where the therapy tricks come into play):

Make a picture chart that would help her to visually understand that the “princess glove” stays on at ALL times.

Step Four:

Make a countdown chart for her to visually have a better understanding with reference to time and when she is able to get the “glove” off.



So far this action plan is taking root and she hasn’t complained an ounce. Ok, not entirely true. We did run into a little bump in the road when bath time rolled around, but we took care of that and from there it has been a pretty smooth ride. Email me with your stories or examples of times you’ve used pictures/pictures charts. I’d love to feature any outside stories!!

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  1. Poor Cali! I LOVE the picture chart!! I want to do one of these with Noble for our weekly activities. He has a really hard time understanding days of the week (obviously… he’s 3), tomorrow, yesterday, etc. I think this would cut out a TON of frustration for us both!

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