Why what we eat is important.


Eating healthy has and will continue to play an important role in our family. Even before the diagnosis you would find our pantry, fridge, and freezer filled with whole foods and healthy options. Many of you probably wonder if, since discovering Cali’s autism, we have veered towards the Gluten Free, Casein Free diet. The answer is no. This diet most definitely holds a place and serves a purpose for some, but for our family we have found that keeping a balanced diet of whole, organic foods with a huge limit on processed foods works best and keeps us healthy. You can call our diet clean eating with some weaknesses. Meaning, we are most certainly human and have the cravings for a popcorn and M&M combo at the movies (my favorite) or delicious sugary popsicles at the pool (Cali and Ava’s favorite). We are not perfect and consequently do not have a perfect diet. We even add butter to our eggs and cream cheese to our bagels!

Because of my absolute LOVE of cooking and baking, I have explored many different recipes and food products. We’ve tasted “yummy” and “yucky” and want to share some of our favorites with you! Enjoy!!


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