Is it me? is it you?


I’ve always been a believer there is a genetic link in autism. Well, my sister sent me an email today that gives insight into this idea. This is what she had to say and the link to follow:


“This would be interesting for everyone in our family and also for Casey to take this test. To sum up 1.5 hours of information, I just watched a lecture about genetic links in autism and characteristics seen in family members. This test is to see if you have any of the characterisitics  of autism without having ASD itself. Studies show that individuals with ASD typically have parents and family members that show some of the broad autism phenotype. Pretty interesting to see. Heres the link. Oh and yes the test is on some weird website but its the actual BAP test and to get your results just clink “no thanks just show results” at the end instead of signing up for the site.”

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  1. Took the test…in case you are wondering… I am not on the spectrum! That is really interesting though. I was just thinking the other day about how I have a hard time focusing at church, or when I read. My mind wanders all over the place. It made me think that maybe some of Hazel’s focusing issue comes from me and she will just learn to focus as she gets older.

    I remember someone at my church was making a comment about how to some extent lots of people have some kind of autistic characteristics. Like the really intelligent doctor that has terrible bedside manner.

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