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I am currently hooked on the book The Way I See It by Temple Grandin. She gives such incredible insight to such a complex and confusing topic…autism. I think what makes her so credible and worth listening to/reading about is her first hand experience living with autism. Her story is truly amazing!! If you haven’t heard much about her, you can watch the HBO movie telling her story. Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure…



I wanted to share an excerpt  from the book I previously mentioned. Such valuable information regarding high expectations being placed on your child and the benefits of doing so. Here is what she says…


Mother did not let me lie around the house, and never viewed my autism as rendering me incapable. Business associates stayed after me and made me do things. These adult mentors are grown-up versions of a good special education teacher who is gently insistent with a three-year old with autism. What it demonstrates overall is that people with ASD can learn and succeed when others around them believe in their abilities and hold high expectations of them.”


I can remember when Cali was first diagnosed. I remember thinking that by no means did I want to place unrealistic expectations on her, but in the same breath did not want to lower my expectations because of a simple label. I love reading Temple’s quote. What child doesn’t benefit from others pushing them to try and do their best? What child doesn’t benefit from others holding them accountable for the expectations that have been set forth?


Casey and I believe in Cali’s abilities and we most certainly hold high expectations for her. She is learning, she is succeeding. I guess we will keep believing and expecting she can!!!

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