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A special education teacher making efforts to help her students connect weekly vocabulary words to fun children’s books.


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This week, I have seen a need to discuss personal space.  I have spent a lot of time on the playground observing different grade levels during recess time.  Although I have seen wonderful imaginative play, it sometimes becomes too rough or “hands-y.” A lot of children understand the different intensities of touch without direct instruction, but sometimes students with special needs do not understand the “unwritten rules” and tend to take a game too far.  They often don’t understand why someone gets upset at them or they get in trouble when, in their mind, everyone else is doing the same thing.   


Important vocabulary for this week:


Space Invader – A person who makes their body move into other people’s personal space, not realizing how uncomfortable this makes others feel.


Following Hidden Rules – this is to explain that not all rules are clearly announced.  Most rules in our world are rules people figure out through observation and experience.   If you are not sure of the rules, you can ask someone.  For example, a hidden rule of being at school is that you are usually supposed to leave your shoes on, even if you take them off at home.



Books I LOVE on this topic:


  Personal Space Camp by Julia Cook


  Hugville by Court Crandall


  Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett


  Huggapotamus by Steve Metzger


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