A week and 1/2 of Christmas…a week and 1/2 of Grandin


A couple of weeks ago, I referenced Temple Grandin and her HBO movie feature, played by Clair Danes. Ms. Grandin has quickly become one of my most favorite autism advocates to learn from. Having autism herself, she gives an entirely different, well-rounded look into the world of autism. No matter how many years a person has studied to become an expert in the subject of autism, nothing can quite compare to the knowledge coming from a person living with autism. Temple gives us a first hand look into the subject I now hold near and dear to my heart.


So, Christmas and Temple…how does that work out?? Well, two reasons. First, Christmas is a busy, yet serene time and I’d like to spend as much of it with the people I love most. Blogging about the girls, our life, and autism, has become a special part of my current day-to-day, but it definitely takes time. I figured sharing some of my most favorite, uplifting quotes from one of my most favorite heros would provide a good read for you readers and also save me a little time. And as I just mentioned, sharing Temples quotes will be uplifting. Giving us something to feel good about. Isn’t Christmas all things good?? So reason number two, Temple Grandin and her positive views on autism only adds to the good spirit we already feel during Christmas time. Why not share them with you!


Words of Wisdom from Ms. Temple Grandin


“I use my mind to solve problems and invent things.”

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