“good food” on a budget


This was the title of the email I received from a friend today. I’m certain there isn’t a single parent out there who doesn’t want to provide the best, most nutritional food options for their child. I’m also certain that MANY parents don’t provide the best because “the best” is supposedly more expensive, but is it really??

My friend’s email to me:




I am attaching a great handout called “Good Food on a Budget” . It goes over how to feed our families and ourselves in a healthy manner and in a less expensive way. There are recipes and lots of good information.


Pass it on!





Here it is!

Here are is some valuable information from just the first few pages of the guide…




-   Plan and save. Make a meal plan (page 30) and shopping list (page 29). Use the food you have and the deals you find in store ads and coupons





-   Cook and freeze large batches (see recipes). Save money by cooking at home more and eating out less. Store food properly and throw less away.



Check out the entire guide. You’ll LOVE it!!

Good Food On A Tight Budget



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