face time adding to her conversational skills


With us living in Utah and my side of the family living in Texas, we spend a lot of time face timing with one another. For some of you it may be skype, same thing. Just yesterday I posted a product we love, the View Master. Just to recap on one small part of the post…the View Master is a child’s toy that Cali happens to use often with her speech therapist, Dawn. In using this toy, Dawn is able to teach and improved Cali’s conversational skills. As I watch them in their conversations they seem rather normal to me, but this is also the case with much of Cali’s therapies. It is not until I get a breakdown of what Dawn is specifically targeting during a specific therapy technique, that I begin to see the value and purpose of what they are doing.


Dawn encouraged me to engage and extend conversations with Cali as much as possible. To do this she suggested this…



1. Decrease questions, increase comments.


2. Question for clarification.


3. Redirect for topic maintenance.


4. Add your own information to the topic.



So, what does all of this mean?? Even after Dawn gave me a breakdown of what to do during conversations with Cali, I was still uncertain I could carry out what she had mentioned and what I had just seen. And I was 100% certain I couldn’t relay the message to our family members. This made me think…Dawn should write a post about how to have conversations with your little ones. Little ones who are at the beginning level of developing conversational skills. Apparently Dawn and I were sending each other subliminal messages. She was already planning a post about this same idea. This post would now be  a reference for me to go to when wondering how to engage in conversations with Cali, and even more exciting, it would be a great reference for families and friends to review. I’ve always thought face timing with families members has been nothing but good for Cali, but now I KNOW for certain it will be for her good.


To all of our families, friends, and readers, please go to Dawn’s Conversational Therapy post to learn how to better your little one’s conversational skills. I have a feeling I will be referring to this post more than once!



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