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Today one of Cali’s best friends came over to play. Blakely!!! We love Blakely! Cali had been talking about her all morning long. When she came, I decided to use one of Madi’s suggestions, and use a shaving cream activity to help with letter recognition. This is how it went…


1. Each of the girls got their own jelly roll pan.


2. I squirted out a generous amount of shaving cream onto each of their pans.


3. I then set the timer for ten minutes, to give them enough time to become familiar with the “white stuff” and just be silly.


4. A few minutes before the timer went off, I prepped the girls their time was almost done and then we would be writing letters in the shaving cream.


5. The timer went off. I handed them each a pencil, and using the eraser end, we began to write various letters.


6. I would model the letter first, then they would follow.

Cali wasn’t too happy about writing with the opposite end of the pencil.  I’m sure she was thinking…How can you possibly write with an eraser?! We got through it and the activity was overall a success. Thanks Madi for the great idea!



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  1. One of my favorite activities to do with the kids now. Thanks for the great idea! Love things that are fun and educational at same time!

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