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A new game and we love it! We are on the hunt for new board games as of late, because Cali’s therapist Madi usually does therapy work involving board games. We tried this one out yesterday…



When we play board games, I do not try and reinvent the wheel. We stick to the same routine Madi uses. This is how it goes…


1. Allow Cali free play with the game board, pieces, etc. Set a timer and prep Cali she has ___ minutes until we start the game.


2. In the meantime, while Cali has free play, I draw out the rules on how to play by using pictures. Cali is a very visual learner. I make sure to draw out only three simple rules. Any more than that and the game will become too confusing.


3.  When the timer is up, Cali chooses her piece to move around the board, Ava chooses hers, and I choose mine.


4. I review the rules with Cali. Why not Ava? Because for her the game starts and stops with picking out her moving piece. At this point she has come up with her own game or whatever else.  I guess this is all you can expect from a two year old:)


5. Cali chooses who goes first. The first couple of rounds we will go over the rules step-by-step for each of our turns. As the game progresses, I might quiz Cali or give her a slight prompt in the right directions, but usually by the middle of our play she has it down.


Here’s a look into our game…


The academics of this game are subjects Cali had already mastered, but this probably plays to her favor. By knowing the colors and the shapes, we can then focus on working towards other goals:

- Attending to the activity.


- Making eye contact.


- Practice turn taking.


-  Teaching sequencing.


- Executive functioning skills: cognitive processes such as planning, working memory, attention, problem solving, verbal reasoning, inhibition, mental flexibility, task switching, and initiation and monitoring of actions.


Go here for a look into another board game we love.


Fill us in on other board games you love to play!!

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