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Ok everyone…want a family night idea! Well I have one for you.


The Utah Autism Coalition is trying their best to create a voice for the autism world here in Utah. A voice that says “Please put autism insurance benefits in place”. Kids like Cali who are able to receive hours of therapy are few and far between. Just think of how many kids out there can’t learn to live their best life because they don’t get the critical help they need early on in their toddler years. Remember the post I just recently wrote about early intervention?? Again, it is critical for all kids who suffer from delays to get the early intervention they need. I can not tell you how many times I have read on autism facebook pages, personal emails to myself,  and articles in magazines where parents say, “I feel so lost and don’t know where to turn?” “I can’t afford any of the therapy and my insurance won’t cover a dime.” I could go on and on. It breaks my heart.


Hopefully one day my heart won’t break so often by hearing such stories. Hopefully one day Utah will pass legislation saying autism therapy will be covered under insurance. The Utah Autism Coalition has plans of making this hope a reality sooner than later by spreading some Valentine’s cheer at the capitol. The plans include handing out hand written Valentine’s to the legislators in hopes of touching some hearts and changing some opinions.


The odds of having a few hundred Valentine cards completely change the opinions of all legislators is probably far fetched, but where is the voice if we don’t try? They can’t hear us if we wait silently. They can’t hear us if we only speak about our concerns to neighbors, families, and friends. They need to hear it straight from us.


Now you may be thinking…where is the family night activity involved in all of this. Let me share. I am asking each of you to take just one night, max 20 mins and make Valentine’s cards for these brave individuals to take to the capitol. What a special day and surprise it would be for the Utah Autism Coalition, at their next meeting, to receive a load of Valentine cards for their cause!!!


(idea #1)

(idea #2)

(idea #3)

(idea #4…my favorite)

The cards can carry messages such as, “Autism coverage in Utah!” “Help children living w autism find their way.” “Early intervention is critical and most effective with constant and intense therapy.” “Kids with autism become their best self if given the chance. Help them receive the therapy  they  need.” etc., etc…


Will you help us raise our voices and make them hear?! Email me at chelsea@wheredidthebirdgo.com. I will then reply with my address for you to send me your cards.


One step at a time is all it takes. Let’s help them make a LARGE step on February 14th, Valentine’s Day!!!!


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  1. Chels
    Just looking up Cali’s Video on a sunday night. Hope your day went well. Can’t wait to see Ava dance and do Ballet!! She might have fun and Cali coming to one of Carrie and her sister Becki’s Irish Dance performances or rehersals but better still Becki is the Sugar Plum Fairy and they have special Tea Parties where they dress up like a princess.

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