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A special education teacher making efforts to help her students connect weekly vocabulary words to fun children’s books.


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This week,  we will work on our observation skills and make predictions or “read people’s plans” and begin to explore how emotions are a very real part of relating to and understanding others.  We will role play and watch social video clips from “You are a Social Detective!” to practice reading people’s plans and understanding their motives or intentions.


Important vocabulary for this week:


Reading or Figuring out other people’s plans – determining what people are planning to do next based on their physical actions.  We can also start to figure out what people are planning to do by interpreting their movement or eye direction (thinking with your eyes).  One must also figure out the subtle meaning within spoken language (a higher level skill).



Software I LOVE to practice social thinking:


“You are a Social Detective!” from socialthinking.com


Books I LOVE on this topic:


Come Down Now, Flying Cow by Timothy Roland


     The Thing that Bothered Farmer Brown by Teri Sloat

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