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A Special Education Teacher making efforts to help her students connect weekly vocabulary words to fun children’s books.

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This week, we will discuss the vocabulary “Just Me” versus “Thinking of You.”  The focus of this lesson is that people behave differently in a group than they do when they are by themselves.  We will explore the need to adjust our behaviors when we are in a group compared to how we can behave when we are by ourselves.  Later in the week, we will practice asking others questions about themselves.  This is an important skill to show others that we are thinking, wondering, and remembering about them. 



Important vocabulary for this week:


Just Me – this is time spent alone where a person does not have to be thoughtful or wonder about others.


Thinking of You – this is time spent with one or more people.  Students have to think about the possible needs or wants of the other people in the group (turn taking, waiting patiently, etc.)



Books I LOVE on this topic:


 Mr. Duck Means Business by Tammi Sauer


 Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish


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