Awesome conversation…wahoo!!!


Recently I referenced to Dawn’s post regarding conversational skills with toddlers. Today Cali and I were trying her tips out. Whether or not my participation was going along with what Dawn suggested is up for question, but at least I tried. The back-and-forth talking did however go on for a solid 45 minutes, so I am thinking I must have been doing something right to get Cali to continue on with the conversation. Or, and most likely, it could have been Cali becoming fixated on a topic and repeating much of the same questions for the majority of the 45 minutes:)


This morning was another, yet again, early morning for Cali. Have I mentioned she is an early riser?? Don’t know how much I like or enjoy this. Around 6:45 she joined me at the computer. She remembered Casey and I went to see a movie the previous night and surprisingly she asked me what the movie was about. I was not in the least surprised she remembered we went to see a movie on our date night, but was, however, thoroughly surprised she asked what the movie was about. Remembering a fact is one thing, but then to make inferences or questions about what is remembered is a whole different thing. Much more advanced.  I was impressed, excited, and encouraged!!!


Cali, “What’s the movie for?” Translation: What was the movie about?


Me: “It was about a really bad storm that created a really big wave.”


Cali: “Oh. What was the storm bad for?” Translation: Why was the storm bad?


Me: “The weather was really bad. Do you want to see a video of it?”


Cali: “Yeeeee-yeah!!!”


If you go to the tab on the side bar labeled Therapy Sessions (soon to be changed to Videos), you will find a clip of Cali watching a movie at the theaters. You will see how mesmerized she was with the film. Two and a half years later and the mesmerization is still the same. Two seconds into watching the movie trailer and Cali was glued:) When the trailer finished Cali began her series of questions and after about 25 minutes or so of our conversation the thought occurred to me…I should be recording this. This conversation was monumental!!!


So, for your viewing pleasure here is a small segment of our conversation.


Way to go Cali. You may have been talking with me for such an extended time because I was so good at keeping the conversation going or maybe you were just crazy fascinated with the story line of the movie. Probably your fascination was the major factor, but I’ll stick to thinking it was me using all the tips and tricks Dawn suggested I use to help keep it going.


Yeah it was me…all me;)



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  1. This was so fun to watch! She is so cute and I love all her questions. Max enjoyed seeing Cali on the computer too :) She is such a smart little girl.

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