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Remember this post. All about Omega-3’s and how essential they really are! I found the product Omega Blendz at Costco, but they no longer carry have this in stock. Raise your hand if you wish Costco would stick to the products you love;) I find something amazing and the next week it’s gone. How does that build costumer rapport?? Still love them anyway.


I was on a mission to fine these Omega Blendz supplements! Google Nature’s Fresh: Omega Blendz and you immediately find the website. Sadly you cannot purchase from the site. They do have a contact number, but I didn’t go that route. Instead, I looked on the back of my almost gone bottle and looked to see where it was manufactured. What I found…Barlean’s Organic Oils. Different brand and different label, but same product. I don’t know if Barlean’s sells their product to wholesalers and then those companies can brand it differently, but Nature’s Fresh Omega Blendz and Barlean’s Omega Kids DHA  and Omega Kids Swirl supplements are the exact same product. Seems to taste that way anyhow.


Barlean’s offers a third kid friendly supplement I also purchased. The Omega Kids DHA Bubbles.

Coined “bubbles” because the supplement comes as a round bubble like shape. Orange in color, with a tangerine like taste. Well, tangerine mixed with fish oil. My girls gave the nose flare and furrowed brows  when they bit into their first “bubble”. I don’t know about you, but nose flare and furrowed brows in my world is an indication of not so tasty. Somehow though I have to find a way to get these suckers into their diet. With these ingredients, what mom wouldn’t want their kid taking these down:


Fish oil (anchovy sardines, salmon and/or tuna), gelatin,

glycerine, natural flavor, water, Non-GMO modified starch,

Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol), annatto (for color), stevia.

Now you know exactly why those noses were flaring and brows were furrowing!!!

The other two products available specifically for kids (as mentioned above) are:

Omega Kids Swirl


Omega Kids DHA

We actually haven’t opened the Omega Kids DHA yet. I would assume its’ flavor is as yummy as the Omega Kids Swirl. Nature’s Fresh Omega Blends Lemon Meringue Flavor matches exactly to the flavor of the Omega Kids Swirl. So if you have tasted the Nature’s Fresh Lemon flavor you should go ahead and purchase at least the Kids Swirl flavor.

If you want more detailed information on why supplementing Omega-3’s into your kids diet is essential and imperative, go to my previous post linked at the top of the page. But just as a refresher, let me copy what is said by Barlean’s (referring to their own product in regard to Omega’s):

“…a delicious way to provide your children with Omega-3 DHA to nutritionally support:

– Healthy brain function

-Nervous system function

– Eye function”

Go purchase right now!!

(My favorite…dad chugging straight from the bottle. I mean how else would you take the supplement;))


  1. I was worried when you said Costco didn’t have it anymore and when I was there the other day ours still has it! I was so excited and got us another bottle! Love your suggestions!

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