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Today is an exciting day!! Today the blog is being Featured on


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The feature is on the latest Two Minute Doc we did on Cali, the film featured in my launch for Friday’s Sweet Signs of Hope and on MP Cunningham, who produced the film. Lunch Pails & Lipstick is a fabulous lifestyle blog for moms and girls alike. Three friends from different parts of the nation have teamed up to send you their tips and opinions on fashion, styling, fitness, food, recipes, beauty and more. No, this site is not focused on autism, but what mom or girl doesn’t benefit from some “me” time. We all need a little R&R from time and time and this blog can provide just that! Pick a night devoted to you and cozy up in bed with your ipad, and your favorite treat. Mine…popcorn + m&m’s + marshmallows!!! Go visit these girls and their savvy, current, up-to-date info on life and you will get the dose of R&R you were looking for.


Thanks to Lunch Pails & Lipsticks for being so gracious as to feature us on their site. Means a lot!!

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