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Two weeks ago I was introduced to Scaterpillar Scramble. Cali and Scaterpillar had already been introduced to one another unbeknownst to me. Once I learned of this pre-established friendship, I also learned how much she LOVES this little critter friend! Krisanne uses this as a fun game for her clients to promote hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The game also provides tons of fun and is a great way to give a client a break and down time if needed. This time, for Cali, she pulled out Scaterpillar to buy herself some time as she wrote out Cali’s tracker. A tracker is something Autism Journeys uses as a way to track how the session went. What successes or failures occurred, and what to follow up with on the next session. It’s a great resource and guide I have come to rely on.


At the close of each session I am back in the therapy room to pick Cali up and to get a run down from Krisanne. This usually means I am there to observe Cali as she plays with some sort of game/entertainment, as Krisanne writes up the tracker. This is how I also came to know Mr. Scaterpillar. And guess what…I fell in love with him as well. Such a cute little guy! And any game promoting developmental skills for Cali is a plus in my book!! When Krisanne was done with the tracker she came in to start talking with me, but before she did she stopped to watch Cali. She was impressed. A short six months ago, Cali could hardly pick the marbles up with the tongs to place on the Scaterpillar’s hands, let alone pick them up and place them on the moving hands. Today, she picks up the marbles with ease and places them on the hands while they move. Way to go Cali!!


So here is another product we love…Scaterpillar Scramble. I always think reviews from other buyers is helpful when purchasing one of my own. I figured y’all might appreciate some reviews from others as well.


Review by New Mom, Los Angeles, CA


“My son got this for his 4th birthday and LOVES it. As mentioned before it is really hard to do when it’s moving, it gets harder the higher you go. For now my son loves putting the balls on while it’s still and then turning in on when he’s all finished. I like that it uses a lot of hand eye coordination and pinching with the tongs is another useful aspect of this toy since a lot of kids have fine motor problems. The bonus of this game is that it is harder and will be a game he can use for awhile. He can put them on while it’s still now and later when it’s moving. The only drawback of this game (though no fault of theirs) is that my son finds it fun to use the tongs to snap the balls and see them fly, which means lost balls (luckily it comes with one extra of each color).”

Review by S. Pasley, “Mom of girls”, Illinois
“I purchased this game for my 4 year old a few years ago and we only played it a few times. It just did not hold her interest much (not a defect of the toy, more my daughters issues). I recently began working as a Developmental Therapist with infants and toddlers and I asked my daughter if I could use this toy for therapy. I really wasn’t thinking about how much this toy could do to help my toddlers with their development until I pulled it out to plan my therapy sessions. My 2 year olds LOVE this toy! We use it to sort colors (we sort the 4 colored marbles into the tray), then for my 2’s that need help with fine motor, we use our fingers to put the balls in the hands with the music off. When they get all the balls on, they get to turn it on and we do a dance for doing a good job. When they master that, we put the music on, and they can use their fingers to put the balls on the hands! This is really great for fine motor work and visual tracking! For the toddlers it is also easier for them to use the tweezers to take the balls off rather than on…again working fine motor and hand strength. As they get better, we turn on music and try to do it with game on! There is so much we can work on with this toy, it is a great toy to work on fine motor, counting, colors, sorting, visual tracking and gross motor (when we get up and dance). The children I work with all have special needs or developmental delays, and this toy works so well for all of them. ***NOTE*** To use in the manner I suggest here, the toddlers need parental/adult supervision at all times so they don’t put the marbles in their mouth.My only cons to this toy are I wish it had an on/off button so that I could disable the music starting by the child touching the button to start it and it seems to eat the batteries between uses. I have to take the batteries out between uses or they will not be good any more.”
See Cali is action…

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