“Wait, what am I supposed to be doing?”


When I started this blog, I knew one thing was for sure. I would have a tab on the side dedicated to the golden nuggets Autism Journeys has given to us. These golden nuggets are not rocket science. They are tips, tricks, and techniques providing ANY parent with adequate knowledge on how to parent a child on the spectrum or a neurotypical kid for that matter. I’ve said this before, but ANYTHING that works on an autistic child will work on a typical developing child. Why? Because when working with an autistic child, you are doing the things to help them function at their best. What child/person doesn’t benefit from techniques and tools helping them to become their best self? I use what I have learned with Cali on Ava EVERY single day!  For instance programs that Madi has written on teaching Cali one-to-one correspondence with counting, receptive and expressive letters, two-step directions, and so on and so forth.


You will notice two purple tabs on the side bar. The first is What Kate Says, the second is Therapy Sessions (videos). What Kate Says is the tab containing all the golden nuggets. I remember setting up a time to meet with Kate, the founder and president of Autism Journeys, in order to pick her brain and get a descriptive list of all the “golden nuggets” she and the rest of the therapists had taught us up to that point. I couldn’t help but think how many parents, grandparents, teachers, etc., would benefit from this information.


When we sat down it took us some time to figure out what those key tips and tricks were. We use them so often they become second nature to us. For example the ways we communicate to Cali, phrases we use, they ways to get eye contact, how to get organized, etc. You start to think everyone must be doing the same kind of parenting because the things we do are so simple. Again, not rocket science. Kate took some extra time beyond our meeting and gave some serious thought to those things she could list which would provide the basic help to get parents going in the right direction.


Time has flown by since launching the blog and I have neglected to highlight this treasured information she has supplied to all of us. From time to time you will begin to see posts on her “pearls of wisdom”.


Today I am highlighting a  paragraph from the topic: Wait, what am I suposed to be doing?


You get the diagnosis, and then what. Yes, we all want to go straight forward with therapies and help for our child, but it can be overwhelming and daunting to say the least. “Managing all the information, programs, and day-to-day activities” of your child is quite the work. No wonder we feel overwhelmed! Kate definitely agrees. Here is the advice she gives to help us know what to do:


“Daily/Weekly Goal: You may find you have too many things to work on with your child. This can become very overwhelming. Take it a day at a time. Pick one or two things to target each day. It will help keep you focused and help you feel successful. It often helps to have the goal written on a calendar. Today it’s eye contact. Tomorrow it’s pronouns. The next day it’s 20 minutes of Floortime, etc.”


Rocket science? I don’t think so.


I would add…don’t make it complicated. Keep it simple. As time moves on and you get the hang of things, you can start adding in three, four, even five areas to work on in a single day. And trust, me it will happen. Remember me saying how it has become second nature to us. Sometimes people ask me, “How many hours of therapy does Cali receive in a day, a week?” I honestly don’t know because almost all day, every day we are doing some type of therapy. It could be during the bath, eating breakfast, at the grocery store. Where ever, when ever! But this only happens if you start small and take it one day at a time. “Picking one or two things to target each day.”


So try it out! Make a daily or weekly goal and start from there. It WILL add to your child’s progress!!


If you have personal experiences with this advice, please share it on the comments below. We learn from other’s experiences, so share away!!

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