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Yesterday was occupational therapy with Krisanne. Once a week Cali see’s Krisanne and not a session goes by that they do not work on writing letters. Usually Cali has a difficult time doing this task. Sitting down and focusing on fine motor is sometimes torture to her, but Krisanne knows Cali well and shakes things up a bit in order to grab her attention and focus. Yesterday it was scooters plus fine motor. This was perfect for Cali and a perfect activity for me to see as well. Just this morning I was wondering which product I would feature for today and what do you know, Krisanne came through and gave us the perfect item.




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I’m sure your wondering how in the world this relates to fine motor. Well, let me explain. As previously mentioned, Cali has a difficult time finding interest in practicing her writing skills.  Krisanne figured using scooter boards would act as a motivator to help her along in this area. This is how it worked:

1. Two scooters were locked together.

2. Cali laid prostrate on the scooters with her arms and legs extending past the scooter base.

3. Cali’s starting point was in the middle of a hallway, with the purpose of moving towards the end of the hallway.

4. Krissane had a stack of individual alphabet letters on the ground beside Cali at the starting point.

5. Cali would pick a letter from the stack.

6. Once the letter was picked, Cali would scoot her way down the hall, using only her arms. No legs were allowed to help with scooting.

7. At the end of the hallway were glass doors where Cali and Krisanne would write their letter using a dry erase marker.

8. With the letter completed on the glass, Cali would again lay belly side down and scoot her way back to the starting point.

9. The activity was repeated until Cali finished writing her letters.

So yes, the scooter most definitely plays a part in encouraging fine motor skills. The scooter is entertaining and motivates Cali. But is there more to a scooter than just entertainment??


Would you be surprised to know that the core of fine motor does not stem from just the fingers. Finger strength is a must, but your fingers can only be as strong as the muscles in the palms of your hands AND your shoulders! You can take another plausible guess as to why using scooters the way Cali was required to use them, would help in strengthening the shoulders. Any weight bearing exercise on the palms of your hands is inevitably going to strengthen the shoulders. Think about push-ups. What about hand stands?? By all means, try it out yourself. Go ahead. Do a small little work out and see for yourself;)! Little does Cali know how tricky Krisanne is being. She was all in!

Here’s a small clip of what it looked like:

I just bought our first two scooters today. Go here to buy some for yourself. Sometimes I think…holy cow! All these products are going to make me broke!! But then when I see Cali like I did yesterday, writing her letters independently on a glass door, I think for sure I’ll take an empty wallet any day to see the amazing progress she is making!!!

Contact me if you have any questions about these scooters or other activities promoting fine motor strength.

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