Preschool Prep: Meet the Sight Words Level 1


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Who here knows about Zulily? It’s an online discount store providing a huge array of products to purchase. I hit the jackpot one day when all Preschool Prep products were 55% off. One of their available products were sight word books. Three levels with about ten books to each. Cali has always been a fan of books. Before learning her site words, she would of course flip through pages merely enjoying the pictures as do all children unable to read. These simple easy to read site word books are now creating a new kind of book time for Cali. It’s called reading time. Legitimate reading time!! Sure she still gazes over the pictures, but there is also reading involved. Look and see!!



It goes without saying that this new find is also a new favorite. Cali has been working out for the past few months on learning the basic sight words. This is one of many tools we now use to help her establish the beginning stages of reading independently.


Can I take a second and be a totally proud mom. In fact let me write a short little letter to Cali…


Dear Cali,


I can remember two short years ago when I was asking Dawn, “So when do you think she’ll start talking in sentences?”  Dawn couldn’t give me a specific answer and I remember being sad. But today can I tell you how happy and proud I am! You not only talk in sentences, but you are reading! You blow me away Cali. There hasn’t been a single goal you haven’t mastered. You are absolutely becoming your best self and working so hard every step of the way. So proud Cali, so proud!

Love you!



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