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Guess what I will be making Cali in the next couple of days! A reminder strip. What is this you ask? Do2Learn is a website you can find on my reference tab. Dawn, Cali’s speech therapist refers to this sit from time to time and I have found it to be a great resource as well. On the  site under the Picture Chart tab, click on the category Daily Living Skills. On this page you will find General Considerations box. A link to Reminder Strips Overview is the first option in the General Considerations box. Click on this link and you will find frequently used examples of reminder strips. I was excited to find one on using the bathroom.


Cali has been potty trained since she was 2 1/2 years old, but she still forgets to flush the toilet and wash her hands. She would probably be better at remembering if I was constantly reminding her, but because she is capable of using the bathroom on her own, I am hardly ever with her as she uses the restroom. Needless to say this simple, easy reminder strip would act as the constant reminder and Cali would probably learn to flush the toilet and wash her hands on a consistent basis. I plan on making ours and sticking it to the wall directly above the toilet paper roll. I will be sure to update y’all on this works. I’m thinking it will work pretty effectively. Cali is our visual learner, so pictures, pictures, pictures is the way to go!


Here is a look at the one you will find on Do2Learn…


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