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No one can ever tell you what the future holds for each of your kids. You can only hope that your time and effort coupled with your child’s time and effort creates the kind of future we all hope for. A future that is bright, promising, and full of potential. This year was Cali’s second year in preschool. Ava had her first. I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what the final outcome would be at the end of the school year in May. Would they be making friends and learning how to be social? How would they respond to the academics? Would they come home with their task cards completely checked off? Or would they come home with concerning letters from their teachers?


These are questions I thought through when the school year initially began. To be honest my concerns were  more for Cali than for Ava. For one, Ava is younger than Cali was when starting out with preschool. I figure she has more room to grow. And secondly, let’s be honest, Ava doesn’t struggle with some of the academics, speech, and social areas Cali tends to struggle in. But even having more concerns with Cali, I still wondered what the year would bring for Ava.


Preschool ended last week for both of the girls. Today and yesterday were their preschool graduation programs fully complete with their cap and gowns. I couldn’t help but feel emotional as I saw each of them walk out with their fellow classmates to perform for us the songs they had worked so hard to learn. Ava was beyond proud of herself. She is a true life performer! No shame in her game!! Cali was equally as proud. She even, unbeknownst to her teachers, came out ahead of her classmates to announce to the audience how much fun we were going to have and what the program had in store. I was cracking up!


The questions I asked myself at the start of their school year went unanswered in the beginning. As the year progressed, some of those questions were answered and even some new ones surfaced to the front. But as I sat watching the girls perform their graduation programs, I realized how proud I was of each of them. Yes, I was able to answer all of those questions in regards to their school experience and yes, they were mostly positive. But I wasn’t proud because of the positive answers I was able to get. I was proud because they looked so happy. Their smiling faces gave me a world of answers. Mostly they were saying, a happy kid means a happy future. Not the kind of happy that comes when they get their favorite candy or sit down to watch their favorite movie. No, it’s the kind of happy that generates from the heart. A smile coming from the inside and not just the surface.


Cali and Ava I hope your dad and I can always help in making you smile from the heart. You guys have many years of graduation programs to come, but we are still so very proud of each of you.


Here a look at our little performers in action:

(Ava is the one without the cap and gown. Oh, my stubborn little one)


(Cali is in the top row, third from the left)


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