As I have mentioned in a previous post, KSL’s Studio 5 was gracious enough to have me come on and answer some autism questions in a “non-professional” light. Answers from a mom. It was THE most nerve racking experience, but one I would do again and again. The topic was How To Take Action When You Find Out Your Child Has Autism. You can read more about my answers regarding the topic here.


When I walked into the studio I was keeping myself rather collected, but then they handed me a rough script of how the conversation was to go. I don’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing. Probably not…I was no longer calm and collected. There was another younger woman sitting in the waiting room with me. She had a small support group that quickly adopted me in. I don’t know if their barrage of questions was a strategy in getting me to calm down, but it worked…sort of.


I was the very last feature on the show. Nice way to make a nervous person even more nervous! They finally called me back to the studio and wired me up. I just kept saying to myself, relax…just relax. I took a seat at a round glass table with Brooke and Darrin, two of the co-hosts for the show. They looked calm, so why shouldn’t I. It’s not like they do this everyday! The camera guy counted down from five on his hand and then it happened. We were live and there was no turning back.


Darrin asked the first question. I don’t have a clue what he asked or what I said. I do remember pausing for a bit and he gave a slight look of concern (a good way to boost my confidence!), but then brooke took the reigns and we were off to the next question. Phew!  From the second question on, I could literally feel my body relaxing. Relaxing enough to get me through without stumbling over my words, but not enough to be completely rid me of my nerves. I have no recollection of what Darrin’s first questions was, and I also have no recollection of what the proceeding questions were either. I don’t even have a clue as to what my answers were! The answers must have been somewhat acceptable because Darrin’s look of concern no longer returned and Brooke did the head nod a few times indicating she agreed or was intrigued.


Our segment was a whopping five minutes. All those nerves and nail biting for five minutes. No wonder I never got picked for that musical I tried out for in the fifth grade!


In watching the segment back, I definitely think I could have said a few things differently or given more personal examples, but overall I think the conversation went well. Hopefully the topic was covered with enough information to give the viewers some answers on how to take action when you first find out your child has autism.


Like I said…the experience was exciting, nerve racking but exciting. Definitely one to be remembered. Would I do it again? Sure. If somehow my answers gave help or support to even just one person, I think participating in a segment again would be a worth while experience.


If you missed out on the segment here is a link to the video.


Thanks again to Studio 5 for allowing me to come on their show!


  1. Fun to hear your perspective and the behind the scenes action! You did an excellent job! I would’ve never guessed you were nervous. Looked like a pro!

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