Poison Study


My close girlfriend Lauren started a book club this past fall and I have loved every part of it. Unfortunately I am the one who always leaves myself a couple of days to read the entire book, cover to cover. This month was combined with June and the book of choice is Poison Study.With two months to read the book, you would guess I would have the thing read, but no.  So, where am I going with this…


Tomorrow is book club night. We meet at 6pm and right now I am on page 168. The book totals 409 pages. It’s looking as though I won’t be be finishing before 6pm tomorrow, but a girl can hope, right! This means no product we love for today. I need all the hours I can get, and no post gives me at least an added 45 minutes to read. So instead here are a few pictures from our fourth of July!





I’ll let y’all know how  the book finishes…

probably from the words and opinions of my friends!!!

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