What Treatment Is Right For Your Child?


Yesterday’s questions was…Is there a cause and cure for autism? The answer was…no there is no proven, definitive cause of autism, and no, there is no cure. (In my mind no cure is a positive. We will save that for a later post!) No one cause and no cure, then what is there to help individuals live their best self? The answer is treatment.


One of the most daunting tasks for a parent/s starting out in the autism world is finding out which treatment is right for their child. Many questions arise. Will the treatment prove to be great or will it be mediocre? Does the treatment mesh with my child’s way of learning? How long will this kind of treatment take? Is treatment a lifelong endeavor? Has this treatment been tested and proved? The list of questions parents have regarding a certain treatment can be endless. What we all need is some evidence and proof that certain therapies do in fact work. An enormous amount of comfort, confidence and relief would be available to a single parent or both a mom and dad seeking answers and a path for their child.


My sister recently sent me a link providing such a thing. The National Autism Center has completed their National Standards Project which “answers one of the most pressing public health questions of our time – how do we effectively treat individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders?” This is huge!!! Only a few short months ago, I was talking with a good friend who had recently received the autism diagnosis for her two year old daughter. She felt completely lost in a sea of overwhelming and seemingly endless information. Had I known about the National Standards Project, I would have sent her right to it’s content. There she could have narrowed in on what treatment/s might be the right course to take for her daughter.


Lisa Borges, executive director of National Autism Center says this, “…the National Standards Project, …will provide direction for parents and educators so they can be confident in their decisions and not waste valuable time and money on unproven treatments.” Who in this world has time to waste? And very few of us have money to throw around with out a second thought. Parents need direction and they need it fast, correct, and proven.


If you know of any family member, neighbor, church acquaintance, or friend who has recently started their journey with autism, please send them to this site.


Here is a video explaining what the National Standards Project is all about…


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