Meet The Teacher Day Complete


We did it. We met Miss Valeria and Miss Korbi. Mis Valerie is Cali’s teacher and Miss Korbi is Ava’s teacher. Did the whole experience go over well?


Yes, it did!


If you skipped Mondays post you will be unfamiliar to this list I made. I typed up ten ways to make this meet the teacher day the best. What does experiencing meet the teacher day in the best way possible even mean? For us, it means me walking away feeling confident the girls will have a solid year of learning and growth (mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically) and both Cali and Ava walking away feeling excited to have a new teacher. If the experience went well, you can guess I was walking away with confidence and the girls were walking away anxious for the start of a new year with a new teacher.



Now about this list. My goal was to write down ten ideas in hopes that time would allow me to accomplish at least a handful. Here was my original list…
1. Prepare Cali and Ava with each of their teacher’s name.

2. Read Cali and Ava the introduction letter each of their teachers sent in the mail.

3. Be excited about the experience so the girls will be excited as well.

4. Bring Cali’s current Individual Development Plan from Autism Journeys.

5. Explain the tips and tricks Cali’s therapist use during therapy to make the most out of therapy.

6. Give the girls ample time to explore their rooms and the school.

7. Ask Cali’s teacher if she has any questions about Cali’s autism. Ask Ava’s teacher if she has any specific questions.

8. Go over main objective with Cali’s teacher. Create a mutual understanding of expectations (also applies to Ava as well).

9. Find out what the teachers expects of me.

10. When Casey gets home, ask the girls to tell him about meet the teacher. (What was their favorite part? What is their teacher’s name? Did they meet any of their classmates? Etc., etc.)


Because of my forgetfulness and nerves (only when meeting w Miss Valerie, with Miss Korbi I was fine!) I was able to hit numbers 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, the other were not covered. I honestly wish I could have remembered to go over ideas 4, 7, and 9. The good news is, the list is here to stay and I have email addresses! When I wrote Monday’s post, I wasn’t thinking about what I could do with the leftover ideas I wasn’t able to accomplish. Now I am thinking and an email is exactly the thing I will send out!


So what did Ava and Cali think about the experience…they loved it! But rather than me explain to you how they felt, let me have them tell you.


(Right now it is 7:15 am. The girls are still sleeping…MIRACLE! When they wake up we will do a video from each of them telling you what they thought about meeting their new teacher! Come back to see!)


Ok here it is…




  1. I LOVE the videos and its only appropriate that Ava was in a princess dress. Good luck Cali and Ava for a great school year!

  2. Love these videos. What a great idea! I’m missing these two little beautiful girls. They will do awesome in preschool this year!

  3. Love these!! Is Ava trying on her first day of school outfit? I love that she thinks she’ll lean about decoration, eyelashes and lipstick. Too funny! And how sweet that Cali knows her teacher likes her and she’s excited about that. So cute!!!!

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