My Autism Day


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I was told of a little gem in the app world. It’s called My Autism Day. Do you have it??


Yes? Great!


No? Go get it…right now!!!


Madi, one of Cali’s therapists, was the one to tell me about this amazing app. How many of you, like me, have been keeping track of goals, behavior, school info, nutrition, tantrums, etc., on hard copy? Or not at all because a hard copy seems way too inconvenient and archaic for our times!  Following each of Cali’s sessions, I get handed a Journey Tracker to let me know how the session went, what goals were worked on and so forth. I suspect they will still hand me these, but now with this new app, I can keep track of all of these sessions and more with incredible organization and measurement. I can take their trackers and copy the information onto Cali’s portfolio on the app. And aside from the info they hand to me, I can now keep better track of the random moments throughout the day that are worthy of recording.


Take today for example…


I was able to take note of the fact that Cali only threw one tantrum. ONE!! Thats amazing! And better yet, I can take tomorrow, the next day, and every day following and track the frequency of the trantrums that occur on those days. Here’s the best part…After tracking for days, weeks, and months, you can then take the recorded information and compare in a chart! You are able to see an actual visual of the frequency of tantrums or lack thereof.


Now it doesn’t have to be just about tantrums.


Take today again…


I was able to track what Cali ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was also able to track her mood at different times throughout the day, as well as her behaviors, eye contact, sensory needs, and sleep from the previous night…again to name a few! I can compare all of this information against each other and potentially see what may or may not be affecting one or the other. So for example, if I looked at what Cali ate for breakfast and it happened to be cereal, I might be able to understand why three hours later she was irritable and inattentive. Cereal tends to equal a spike in sugar followed by a dramatic drop which would leave Cali super hungry (hence the irritability and inattention!).  Maybe I would have made the connection with out this great app, but odds are I would not have seen the link between what she ate for breakfast and her subsequent behavior.


Because of this one small app, I can foresee myself reacting with greater patience and understanding when mothering Cali. When hard days come and go, I can look back on those days and potentially receive answers as to why the day didn’t go smoothly. On the days when I tell Casey, “Man, Cali has been super off lately.”, I can go to this app and potentially track what it is, if anything, that has caused a change in her behavior, mood, social awareness, or what have you.


This app won’t give you all the answers but at least some, if not many!


Another plus…


How great is this app for sitters or family members when watching Cali!! I live with Cali day in and day out, so without this app (which has been the case all along), I have some what of an advantage at figuring out what is going on with her life during certain off days/weeks. Sitters and family members most likely won’t have a clue where to look for answers. Well, now they have a chance at better understanding and supplying more patience because of this app. Better yet, they will have an easier time knowing how to work with Cali. Hand over your ipad while you are away and have them track throughout the day. Tell them to review the information before going to bed. They will then be able to say, “Yep, just as I thought. The day went smoothly and this is why.” Or, they will say, “OH! That maybe gives an explanation as to why she acted this way or that!”


Ok, now for the best part of all…


This app is applicable for all mothers and all kids! The name should be switched from My Child’s Day. Sure there is some autism specific context on the app, but overall, the charting and tracking would be phenomenal for any child. In fact you will see Cali’s portfolio as well as Ava’s portfolio on my app.


Now, don’t take it just from me. Here are some reviews from other happy buyers…


Very Easy and Useful

Five Stars by jedipadmaster~

“I have two kids with autism and I am an educator. I am very happy to see a tracking app like this one. It is easy enough that a parent can us it, but contains enough usefull info for teachers and therapists as well. I will begin using to help keep track of my own kids’ behaviors. It is well worth the download.”


Love This!

Five stars by papsterx4

“What a user friendly, non-intimidating data tracking app! Has the ability to keep track of such a wide variety of information as well as chart the information to see trends or correlations. It looks and feels like a calendar app with easy to use inputs.”


Love This App!

Five Stars by Chiquita2271

“This is one of my favorite apps. It is a must have for parents of children with autism, but it is also very helpful for parents of any child with special needs (a.k.a. all children). You can track basically everything you need to know about each day. It makes it easy to show a doctor or therapist as well. Great job!”


Very Useful App

Five Stars by hs2ak

“This is an easy-to-use app for tracking all aspects of life in the day of ANY child. With categories for medical issues, behaviors, tasks, etc. THis app is simple but comprehensive. There are sharing options as well, which can be valuable especially to a family experiencing a new diagnosis and wishing to coordinate car. Well done!”



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  1. I was totally thinking as I was reading this, that it would be a great thing to use for any kid and that I was wanting to use it for Carter. Then you said that same thing at the end. So THANKS! I’m gonna check it out.

  2. Hi! This is Karen here. I am the the developer behind this app. I’m an independent developer. As a mom, I saw the need for any tracking tools designed for Autism and I wrote it. I loved every minute doing it. I’m working on improving the app and adding features, and in the near future publishing a new app.
    If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know. It’s what parents want that interest me the most so I can add it.

    Thank you very much,

    • Hi Karen!! Thanks for commenting. It really is an amazing app, so way to go. I am impressed. So far, so good. If I’ll have any suggestions I will be sure to let you know. Keep us in the loop for potential future apps!!

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