Friday’s Sweet Signs of Hope: Carson


Remember the recent post about the license plate? Remember my mention of the president of the ACU? Well, her name is Cheryl and she has an autistic son named Carson. I don’t know if Cheryl is fully aware of her innate ability to write such beautiful words, but she most certainly has been blessed with this ability. Cheryl wrote her own story of hope which is currently posted on the ACU website. You will laugh and you will cry as you read Carson’s story.



My son, Carson, has autism. Autism never sleeps, it doesn’t take a day off, or a vacation, it’s always there waiting for him, and me.

Some times it feels forever heavy, like I am being pressed down into a dark hole, my spirit shattered into tiny pieces. I know I can get out, just not today. I wonder how he feels.
I never knew so much worry and pressure to make it ok, to help him, to pay for it, to be happy, to be the mom to all, and the wife, all while teaching him to look at me, to put on his socks, to eat with a fork, to flush the toilet. Nothing is how I thought it would be. I am always unsure if I’m doing the right thing.
I also didn’t know there could be so much joy…finish reading Cheryl’s words here!
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  1. Amazing story!!! What an incredible mom and son!! “To infinity and beyond” Haha I LOVE it!! And I loved the way you described everything! From the way you feel about Autism (Spot on BTW) to the love you have for Carson!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Hope to read more soon!!

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