What a special moment today


June of 2012 was when the idea of creating an autism blog came to my mind. I remember being completely excited to start this new adventure. Most of my excitement was thinking about the potential connections I would make along the way. I’ve said it before, but there is so much power that comes from talking with other autism moms. I’ve talked with moms who have been in the game for ten plus years or moms just starting out on their autism journey, in all cases there is an instant connection. I love it!


Today was a special day for me. Today I met Jess. Remember Jess and her adorable Evie? Well, Jess and I were recently connected through Natalie, the psychologist who diagnosed both Evie and Cali. Natalie must have had an inkling Jess and I would have an instantaneous connection. She was right!


I drove up to Food For Thought in Draper to meet Jess for lunch. I was excited! We had talked over emails, the blog, and instagram, but this was the first time we would meet in person. When we found each other and started chatting, the chatting never stopped. I think we could have talked for hours! Instant connection.


When I have moments like these, it is no wonder why two and a half years ago I felt inspired to start this blog. This wasn’t an adventure to see how popular the blog would become or to create make believe friends. It was and is an adventure to connect, to share, and to build real relationships.


I think I’ll remember this small lunch date for years to come. And I bet, in years to come, I will continue to post more moments with Jess and other close friends I have met through the blog.


Thanks Jess for the start of a great friendship…and my yummy dessert at lunch;)

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  1. This just made my night! I had the best time and can’t wait to do it again. Natalie definitely knew what she was doing when she “set us up” and you definitely knew what you were doing when you started this blog. Cheers to a new friendship and cheering each other on as we go! Xoxo

  2. i haven’t been a reader for long, but i do love reading your posts. i don’t have a very big support group, but working on it :) thanks for all the inspiration for it gives me hope!

    • Thanks Mindy! Do you have Instagram? There are so many moms I connect w through Instagram. Id love to follow you. Do you have a son or daughter w autism? Or relative?

      • oh your sweet thank you…i do & you are already following me :) (msmindy) i have a son that just turned 5. he is the sweetest boy. he is mostly non verbal, but we are starting to hear some words. i love coming here to read all the stories. they truly make my day.

      • oh your too sweet too :) thank you. if you want you can follow me via instagram (msmindy) i mostly post pics of my son. he is five & is just the sweetest. i am on facebook as well (merinda samuels bularz)

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