Must Watch!


My younger sister Sydney sent me and email a week or so ago, with a link to a video on autism. The video was a lecture given at Yale University on social development in autism. Sydney told me I MUST watch this video. I knew she was serious, because she watches lectures constantly and hardly ever mentions me having to watch them. She suggested watching from the 39 minute mark to the end. This portion of the lecture focuses on eye tracking methods they used on adolescents and two year olds. It was completely fascinating!


Tracking the eyes of these individuals, as they watched care givers on video, gave a world of information to these researches. Their findings give substantial reasoning behind why autistic individuals tend to look at the mouth of others talking instead of the eyes. Their findings also substantiate the possibilities of detecting autism in early infancy!!


I decided to watch the entire hour and a half lecture. I am glad I did!! The lecture leading up to the 35-ish minute mark, is more of a repeat of the many facts we  often hear on autism. Then why watch this first part?


Dr. Ami Klin is the clinician speaking and his rhetoric and clarification on this often heard information is whats makes the first part a must watch as well. I felt like so many questions and concerns I had regarding autism were cleared as I listened to him speak. I also felt what he said was perfect information for family members or friends who may be misinformed or confused on autism and it’s implications.


Watch what you can, but I would HIGHLY recommend watching the ENTIRE lecture. Split it up if it makes watching the entire thing possible. I think you will find this as eye-opening as I did!



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