What to do with a last minute change to therapy…



What happens when your therapist has to make a quick cancellation to a therapy session?? Odds are you won’t be able to recreate the session quite the same. However, if you have a stellar speech therapist like Dawn, you will open an email giving you a list of links to help you make your own session! Yep, that’s what happen to us the other day. Cali’s speech session was canceled, but that didn’t stop Dawn from taking maybe ten minutes and writing up an email. Clearly what Dawn shared is specific to Cali and her goals, but I thought I would share it  with y’all anyhow. If it doesn’t apply to your child because they are too young, well…come back when they reach Cali’s age and take a second look. Or if you child is passed Cali’s age, Dawn reminds us that even if a session is canceled, you and your therapist can communicate on ways to recreate the session as best as possible on your own.


Dawn’s email listed four links. All four links were from the website Hasbro. This site is great for boy and girls. So if your son happens to be working on goals similar to Cali, go ahead and look for a boy version of the games linked below.


The email from Dawn…


My Little Pony Personality Quiz Online — I thought this would be a fun and thoughtful thing to do – for Cali to describe herself, then compare to ponies


Discover the Difference — have to find the difference between 2 pictures – this is a good visual attention and problem solving activity, then when she finds the difference – have her express them  ”This one has ___, but this one ___”


Castle Creator – make your own pony castle – have her describe what she want to include – add where things go to target prepositions


Crystal Empire Seek and Find — hidden pictures which is a good prerequisite skills for more advanced problem-solving, again, by having her tell you where she found the pictures, she can practice descriptions with prepositions.  If you have to help her– give a verbal clue, then she’s working on auditory processing of concepts



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