“I’m so glad you’re proud of me…”


Sunday is church day for our family. Starting at the front of January, our church service changed from 9am to 1pm. This obviously means lunch before church. Six weeks in and I still do not have our Sunday morning routine down, which also means most of the time I end up scrambling at about 11:30 to get myself and everything else ready. This past Sunday, as I was yet again scrambling, the girls started asking for lunch. I gave them the, “In a minute” response, which they took quite literally. They asked me for lunch about every minute! At one point Cali came in and passed on the lunch question. Instead, she asked if she could put on her bunny dance recital leotard and bunny ears. With only 30 minutes until church, my answer was no. She left the room pouting and I continued to finished my hair.


My hair was done, so I hurried to the kitchen. As I walked down the foyer, I could hear the microwave going and could smell Cali’s most favorite meal, macaroni and cheese with tuna (yep, fish with mac n cheese and no I’m not kidding!). Before I could round the corner into the kitchen, I was already anticipating what was happening. Cali must be making lunch for herself!! And she was! The most surprising and just as exciting part was that she had made a plate for Ava as well. She even gave Ava a side of grapes, because she knows how much Ava loves grapes. Makes me smile even as I type! Ok, but here’s the thing…this was only the first part. The second part is the most exciting!!!


About a couple months ago, Madi started working on a new program with Cali. This program was written by Madi to help Cali learn how to work through problems. To learn how to find solutions to her problems with out becoming dysregulated and emotional. Before starting this program, Cali would have the slightest misstep and would consequently be unable to function. She would stop and complain, whine, and forget to even ask for help. To Cali all hope was lost. Since starting this little program with Cali, she is now learning how to find solutions to her problems without becoming emotional charge and dysfunctional.


Basically the program goes like this…


1. Cali has a problem.

2. We ask Cali to identify the problem.

3. We ask Cali for ideas on how she can fix the problem.

4. We try out those ideas to see if the problem gets fixed.

5. We point out the obvious and have Cali realize the problem is fixed because of her idea/s.


I wonder if you can guess where I am going with this. What was so exciting about the second part?! Remember when Cali came to me and asked if she could wear the bunny leotard? Remember I said no and Cali left the room pouting and upset. Well, when Cali noticed me in the kitchen she ran to me with her hands in the air and said, “I know how to make my own lunch!” I responded by saying, “I’m so proud of you Cali!” Her next response is what made super excited. She said, “I’m so glad you’re proud of me. I made solutions to the bunny costume!” It’s working!!!!!!!!!! Did you read that Madi?! The program is working and she, by herself, came up with an idea that would help her find a solution to to bunny costume situation.


You bet I’m proud of Cali! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it all day!!


A few pictures of Cali in her bunny costume last year at the dance recital…don’t mind the string cheese addition.




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