“You can not lose when you lock arms with the Lord.”


Since starting this blog, I have never really carried a loud voice when it comes to my faith in God and Jesus Christ. I think I feared making readers feel uncomfortable or feared this topic is irrelevant when it comes to the topic of autism. But last Sunday someone was bearing their testimony of Christ and a single line touched my heart. He said, “You can not lose when you lock arms with The Lord.” Guess where my mind went when I heard those eleven simple words?


And then it hit me. My faith in Christ has everything to do with everything! Including my perspective on autism.

When Cali was diagnosed, I was so scared. The future was completely unknown. Where did I turn? To prayer. Every single morning and every single night I prayed to Heavenly Father asking him to help me know how to help Cali.

I have been raised a Latter Day Saint Mormon my entire life, so I knew without hesitation that asking Heavenly Father for help in sincere prayer would provide answers to seemingly impossible questions. The principle of prayer is a true principle I am grateful for every single day.

By no means did I know exactly what today would look during the diagnosis time, but what I did know was that I couldn’t lose by locking arms with the Lord.

Cali’s success and continued progress has so much to do with her therapies, but it has also been greatly influenced by a loving Heavenly Father above.

Last week I was talking with a good friend over the phone. Cali was in social skills group and I was waiting in the car watching a movie with Ava. I remembered I needed to call back this friend and so I did. This good girlfriend of mine is almost a year into her autism journey. Her daughter is very similar to where Cali was when we first started out. Our conversation brought me back to when we began our families journey. Man was that a tough time! And ironically, how grateful I am for having had that experience and continued experience today.

The comment “you can not lose when you lock arms with the Lord”, came after the conversation with my girlfriend. It came four days later, but when it was spoken, I knew exactly why my mind went straight to autism.

My girlfriend is going through a possible change in her daughters treatment plan. Her and her husband are weighing out different options and trying to find the most beneficial route for her and the family. Hearing my friend talk, took me back to our beginning. And then when I heard this comment in church, I was immediately aware of why the beginning for us was tough, yet easy.

“You can not lose when you lock arms with the Lord.”

I am convinced it is my personal relationship with the Lord through prayer that has directed me on how to best help Cali and give her exactly what she needs.

I don’t want to fail Cali as a mom. I want to provide the best for her and Ava. It is a daily desire to live up to the stewardship I have been given to be a mom.

I truly believe that I can not lose when I lock arms with the Lord. The trials and stumbles will continue to come, but it’s ok. I welcome the difficulties because I know the Lord is their to help me through. They won’t magically disappear, but I can rest at ease knowing there is a way to endure them well with his help.

I feel blessed to have this knowledge. To be a part of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is also a blessing beyond measure. It is through the gospel of Jesus Christ where I learn to live according to true principles. Principles which guide and direct me in a correct path leading to happiness and peace.

“You can not lose when you lock arms with the Lord.” This is true.

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