Luv written by Cali

Luv iss kad (love is kind)

Luv iss happ (love is happy)

Luv iss luv (love is love)

Luv iss Fakfl (love is thankful)

Luv iss faly (love is family)

Luv iss hijuj (love is children)

  Cali came downstairs as I was eating my lunch, to share with me something so very special. She sat down beside me and places a small stack of papers on the counter in front of her.  I had no idea what she was about to share would have me in tears. Clearly we have some work to do in the spelling department, but this is a moment I will remember for the eternities! I asked Cali how she came up with this and she told me, “I just sounded them in my head.” When I asked her if she came up with the words on her own she said yes.


I think Cali taught us all a great lesson. I love you Cali!

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