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I am excited to share with all of you another product that is well worth the buy if applicable and usable to your child. And if not your child, then take this information and share it with someone who would greatly benefit. A couple of months ago I received an email from a fellow autism mom who introduced me to Chewigem USA. She is the proud owner of this company and I asked her if she wouldn’t mind sharing information about the company and products to help you better understand what they aim to provide for their customers. Here is what she has to say…


CHEWIGEM USA was launched in September 2013 as a discreet, quality solution for those with the need to chew.  As parents of a child with Asperger’s, we clearly understand the importance of a quality product that provides comfort and confidence to a child in need.  We have lived through the restless days and nights of sheet and clothes chewing and personally know the value of this product.  When our son was transitioning to middle school we had a lengthy search for a product that would relieve his anxiety through his chewing, yet had an age appropriate appearance.  We found this product in Chewigem, which began in the UK.  Once we saw the confidence it brought to our son when he was able to self regulate his needs, we knew we had to share with other families, educators  and clinicians in the additional needs community.  Additionally, since beginning the company, we have found success in the speech therapy community as our products have been used to strengthen mouth muscles and help improve chewing coordination for those with that need.  Our product lines continue to grow and evolve and will soon be offering products that can be used as fidget items as well.  As a global presence in the chewelry community we are compromised of mothers, early childhood educators and clinicians.  We are committed to making your  CHEWIGEM USA™ purchase experience one that you will want to rave about with others. 


Many children on the spectrum have sensory needs which may include oral sensory needs. Cali has never had the tendency to chew in order to self-regulate, but I was intrigued and curious by this awesome sounding product. I asked the owner if she wouldn’t mind sending me a piece from their “chewelry” line. She agreed and the piece was quickly on it’s way. When I received the item I was impressed. The item was a pink colored Tread Bangle. The girls instantly fought over who could wear it first!



This company’s goal to create products in which help a child’s oral sensory needs, while maintaining an age appropriate appearance has been met. Take some time to peruse their site. You will love what you see!



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