After running and chasing a bird away, Cali runs immediately to me and asks,  “Mom, where did the bird go?” A seemingly insignificant question coming from an almost four year old, but for Cali this question holds the weight of the world!


On so many levels this question shows the enormous amount of progress Cali has made. When Cali was first diagnosed, she could say about ten words at an age when she was supposed to be saying two-three word sentences. Her language and communication has come along so remarkably. Asking “where” made my heart take an extra beat! We are still working on this, but asking and understanding the “Wh” (who, what, when, where, and why) questions has been difficult to conquer for this little girl.  She was also the one to initiate a conversation. “Yay! Cali you’re asking me a question!!” is how I wanted to respond, but instead I tried to act normal to keep the conversation going; if she only knew. Among so many other great reasons, this is why, “where did the bird go?” seems to be an outstanding question to hear.


When starting this blog I struggled for a bit on a finding a fitting title. One thing I knew for sure, this site would be a vehicle for me to share tips and tricks, our day-to-day with Cali’s many therapies, and well…life. Cali still has a gap to close in regards to where she is and where her peers are, however the strides she has made over the past year and a half and continues to make are beyond what we ever could have hoped for or expected. So, how does the title fit? Let me tell you…


Where has Cali been? Where is she today? Where is she going? These are three questions I can find answers to when reflecting on her therapies and seeing the impact they have. Fortunately for Cali, she does have professional help to give her the aid she needs and more importantly knowledge and insight for us as her parents on a confusing and complex subject. Thus far this journey has taught me a room full of ideas, tips, guidelines, and more, but the one most invaluable lesson I have learned is this: therapy with Cali never stops. Yes, she has a very literal start and stop time with her therapists, but the beauty of Cali’s autism is that in all of life’s settings we can find ways to help her function and adapt, learn and grow, and ultimately live her life trying to put her best foot forward. And guess what else?  I use what I have learned with Cali on Ava as well. Granted, Ava learns most things on a much quicker time frame than Cali, but that does not matter. All that matters is the end result. How you get there is irrelevant. Sure, most everyone would probably rather choose a quicker learning route for their child, but sometimes circumstances prohibit that and you must take a different path.  And that is what we do with Cali each and every day.  Find the routes that work for her.


My hope is to have readers come to this blog and be able to take away at least one idea, one tip, a guideline, whatever it may be to aid them in their own journey with autism or parenting for that matter.  What we do with Cali works, and I am confident it can work for others as well!



Where Did the Bird Go? Read our journey, past, present, and days to come and you and I will both find out…



  1. Chelsea, I am in awe of this wonderful tool you have created as I was in awe at your gifted parenting skills!!! You truly have so much love and thoughtfulness in your “engaging ways” … Love you always and your sweet family!!!!! Congratulations on your “giving” gift to others. Aunt Rhonda

    • Hello dearest Chels,

      I am truly in awe of your creation, as I was in awe of your “engaging”,loving and thoughtful parenting!!! You have a great gift of “giving” … so happy for you and your family and all the many families that will treasure your journey, tips and LOVE!!!! Your family is darling!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!! Love you tons always!!!! Aunt Rhonda

  2. Your family has been blessed with someone special. I can tell by the way you write about her and what an important part of your family she is. She has a special Mom too. You are an inspiration to many moms and dads. You also inspire me to do better. God bless you in your works of compassion and love. I will share your website with others.

  3. Chelsea, I work with your sister Sydney and she shared your amazing blog with me. Sounds like a great idea to share your knowledge and experience with the world! From all the stories I hear from Sydney, I know what you have to share will inspire others!

  4. This is so exciting, Chelsea! I love this blog already, and am going to love learning parenting tips and techniques, and reading about your family’s journey as it unfolds.

    • Thank you for sharing your family and stories with us and with such creativity! I absolutely love your pics! The experiences you share about autism will truly help so many.

  5. I am so proud of you! Cali is so lucky to have you and Casey as parents and we are all so blessed to have Cali in our lives. She has such a special place in my heart! I am amazed at the mother you are to her and miss sassafras, Ava :). I love you and your family and can’t wait for more updates and to see where life takes you guys. Love you all!

  6. Hello Chelsea,

    I.m at church with a wonderful lady named Joy Moosman who has a son that is ten years old and she says she has lots of stories to share with you as I told her about the angel that you are!

    Keep up your wonderful and loving and giving ways … you help more people than you know!!!!

    I love you and your family tons!


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