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Me (Chelsea): Let’s start at the beginning. I was born and raised in the great state of Texas (Houston to be exact). And yes, I am still a true blue Texan through and through.  My parents, Brent and Brenda, raised my three siblings and me in the best home and with the greatest love imaginable.  I grew up with a strong faith rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Participating in sports, being social, trying to be academic, and the occasional boyfriend kept me busy through my high school years. My love of volleyball brought me to what I now believe to be the 2nd best state, Utah. I earned a scholarship playing for Utah Valley University and completed my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  Walking the halls of UVU is where I met Casey, my best friend and hubby. The wedding happened, three awesome years flew by, and then miss Cali Rae entered our lives. Being a mother is a dream coming true each and every day.  Okay, sometimes it can be an exhausting dream, but a dream nonetheless!  Cali turned one and shortly after, we got pregnant with Ava. As a mother of two, the dream has definitely become more exhausting and as cliché as it sounds, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!  I’m a wife and a mother of two beautiful girls just trying to take one day at a time.


Casey: Through no fault of his own, was born in beautiful Cache Valley Utah. Not everyone can be a Texan I guess!  Raised in a family of nine, third to youngest, and sandwiched between two girls, he found his way just fine and claims to have experienced the best childhood any kid could dream of. With an independent spirit and strong will, Casey found success in most of what he sought. Sports were his world! Football, baseball, and a girlfriend here and there gave him “the best high school years around.” Sometimes I wonder if he wants to go back and relive those glory years… One short semester at Dawson Community College, where he played baseball, a two-year church mission in Oklahoma City, and a year and half at UVU gave shape and direction to where he is today.  He is the BEST and most loving dad, hardest working guy around, a great husband for this lucky girl, and just trying to take one day at a time.


Cali: September 2008 marked the start of this beautiful little girl’s life.  Cali, a name with no real sentiment, rang clear and bright in our minds from the very beginning. She came into this world with a spirit radiating love and beauty, inside and out.  I could try and say she has this from me, and that from Casey, but the truth is she is Cali.  A little girl who loves to love and be who she was always supposed to be. Dancing, watching movies, playing Lego friends, singing Let It Go, eating skittles, sleeping with her purple blanket and eating french toast are some of her favorites. Being cold, catching balls, sleeping without her purple blanket, and hearing people sing when she’s not in the mood are things she would prefer to do without. Yes, she has Autism and this is a great thing. Five years old, a daughter, sister to Ava, and so much more just learning about this new and journey filled life ahead.


Ava: Ava Michele, a name coming not as clear but once decided, just as bright. She was born in July of 2010. I dreamt she would come with a darker tinge of hair and what do you know, she did! Now a dirty blonde with the cutest little button nose and we’ll call them “athletic” legs, she is one darling little girl that captures everyone’s hearts. With an independent spirit and strong will like her daddy, she finds her way and NEVER gets lost in the shuffle of our busy lives. Running, dancing, jumping on trampolines, swinging on swings, playing with Cali, and sneaking all things dessert from the pantry are some of her favorites. Being told what to do, sitting, eating bread, and playing by herself are things she would prefer to do without. Ava does not have Autism. With or without it, she is still Ava. Three years old, a wild and loving daughter, sister to Cali, and much, much more just trying to learn and grow with each new year.



  1. This is just a beautiful website with so much insight and love. I am so thrilled that you have put this together and am lucky to be your friend and learn so much from all of your talents and your beautiful family!!! xoxo

  2. We love this amazing family so much!! Thank you so much for opening up your lives and all these priceless resources for everyone to benefit!

  3. Incredible site with so much to offer to all! You are an amazing mom and this is truly going to be a wonderful resource to so many other moms out there! Thanks for sharing! Love you guys!

  4. Chelsea, I was watching Parenthood and my hubby, Nic (he was under Casey this summer) mentioned that you just started this blog so I thought I’d check it out. I am a teacher in early childhood and have been fascinated by autism since I had first had contact with a child I taught that was diagnosed with it. This is a beautiful idea that will help so many parents learn from your experiences with Cali. Thank you for sharing… I am really looking forward to following your journey!

  5. Chels, you are the inspiration that many parents are looking for. You give hope where it may have been lacking. Cali and Ava a precious treasures that you nuture, teach and play with. The things you share on this blog make a difference for families all over. I’m amazed by you. I love you, Aunt Dana

  6. I was just referred to your blog. I have a 10 yr. old boy with aspergers. We spent thousands of dollars in therapy trying to help my son use the WH question words. I had almost forgotten that until I read your blog. It seems like so long ago. The challenges change as they get older but I have learned that my son can do ANYTHING his peers can, I just have to help him along the way a little more. I will be visiting your blog again. Good Work and thanks for sharing.

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